Devs are claiming the PlayStation 5 is ‘definitely more powerful’ than Xbox Scarlett

The Battle of the TFLOPS is about to begin in earnest. Both Sony and Microsoft have their next-generation consoles cresting the horizon, and both will be trying the outmuscle the other in terms of being the fastest console on the market. Right now though, it appears it’s advantage PlayStation 5, with a number of developers alluding to Sony’s console being faster than Xbox Scarlett. Continue reading

Xbox Scarlett Now a Single Console, Second “Lockhart” Model Reportedly Shelved

At E3 2019 Microsoft revealed Xbox Scarlett, their next-generation console powered by a custom AMD Zen 2 processor. For the most part, the announcement lined up with previous rumors about Microsoft’s next gaming machine, with one major exception – the company only revealed a single new console, while previous rumors stated they were working on two. Continue reading

Xbox Boss On Microsoft’s Struggles With Game Quality And Efforts To Improve It

Whatever the strengths of the Xbox platform, it’s long lagged behind Nintendo and Sony in terms of homegrown, exclusive video games. There have been highlights in its history and even some stellar games of late, such as last year’s Forza Horizon 4, but the Xbox One era has been rough. There have been prominent cancellations, disappointing sequels and games that under-delivered given how long fans were waiting for them. Continue reading