Banjo And Kazooie Are A Puzzle In Smash Ultimate

At long last, Banjo and Kazooie are in Super Smash Bros. “At long last,” I say, because the bear and Breegull duo have been some of the most requested additions to Nintendo’s mascot-based fighter for years. As players puzzle their way through the fighters’ toolkit, they’ve come across a couple surprises and not as many disappointments as you might expect. Continue reading

Ubisoft Announces New Details About ‘The Settlers’ At Gamescom

When The Settlers was released on the Amiga in 1993 it was praised for melding the city building, god game and real-time strategy genres into something never seen before. Amiga User International wrote “The Settlers is an awesome piece of programming that could only have been achieved by creative talent of the highest order.” That creative talent was Volker Wertich who designed and programmed The Settlers. Today at Gamescon Ubisoft announced that an all-new version of The Settlers will be released on PC in 2020 and once again Wertich is at the helm. Continue reading

Need for Speed Heat is Dropping Loot Boxes, Customization Gear Gained by Winning Races

Yesterday Need for Speed Heat was officially announced and fans immediately began asking questions about EA’s monetization plans for the game. Justifiably so, as the previous game in the series, Need for Speed Payback, was hobbled by a grindy “Ultimate Team” style card-based progression system and exploitative loot boxes. Well, it seems EA and Ghost Games have learned their lesson, because Need for Speed Heat is jettisoning all of that. Continue reading